Monday, November 19, 2012

Last week was appointment overload.  Tuesday; cat scan and MRI of the brain.  Wed: Xgeva.
Thursday; Radiologist.
Things I learned;  my ribs still hurt because it still shows a fracture.  There's nothing in my head - literally what the Dr. said to which I replied, "Well I hope there's something there but that would explain a lot."
I found out that I can not miss taking medication or walking is extremely difficult and painful.  The reason being a spot that may have to get more radiation but not yet.  My spine can't be radiated any more but the ribs and the other spot possibly.  Thankfully, not now.  I go back in another 4 months and then we'll see.
This week I have one appointment and then none until after Albuquerque.  Yay..yay ...yay!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Interesting appointment today.
"I  remember you." Tech says.
"I  remember you too." me
"I can't believe you're still here.  (Can't believe your still here - what does that mean I'm thinking) Tell me everything that's happened." - Tech
I told her about the lumpectomy, the port, 7 weeks of radiation, Zometa (1st bone strengthener they tried), the surgery on my leg, 3 more weeks of radiation, the port removal, and Xgeva (bone strengthener I get once a month) and about appointments next week for a brain MRI, a cat scan of my organs, and an appointment with the radiologist to discuss possible radiation treatments again.
"That's amazing.  You look great.  I really thought when I first saw you (one and a half years ago)
that it was a death sentence.  It looked that bad."
Now I know what she meant, 'can't believe you're still here.'
"But here you are." Tech says.
"Yes, God has really taken care of me."
"Well, it's amazing and I'm so proud of you."  says Tech.
I have to say it kind of surprised me.  I mean I've known it's a miracle I'm still here.  It just hasn't been
verbalized by any of the Dr.'s I've seen.

Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow!