Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I called one of my Dr.'s today because
I needed to make an appointment.  
The person I spoke to put me on hold 
then the phone rang..and rang and continued
to ring until I hung up and called back.
When she answered the phone I told her
what happened and she very rudely told
me that she'd redirected my call to the nurse
and the nurse didn't answer because she
was trying to look up my information.  She said she was 
walking back to the nurse to see when I needed
to make another appointment.  I know what I'm
saying doesn't sound rude but she really was and
I don't know why it really upset me.
I have noticed that I get upset more easily than 
I used to - don't know if it's cancer, drugs,
whatever.  I hung up and decided to stop feeling
angry and look at things I'm thankful for:
I only have to get bloodwork and an Xgeva shot
this next month.  I don't have any real Dr. appointments
till the end of October.  That's quite a break for me.
I usually have an appointment at least every other week.
So instead of getting upset with someone who was
probably PMS-ing.. I choose to be thankful I don't have
to see her till December and by that time I will have
forgotten the whole thing.
I have also decided to start working on my art daily.
At least an hour.  Today I worked on a t shirt that
I painted and needed some fixing.  I was thinking I was
going to quit painting t shirts but I decided if I paint them
they will be light in color.  Trying to paint on dark colored
shirts is extremely time consuming and doesn't work well.
I also want to put together some drawing and painting lessons
on my other blog, probably around the middle of September.
And I need to open an Etsy shop.  I've been saying that
forever so my goal is open a shop by September 7th.
We'll see how it goes because it does depend on 
how I'm feeling. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Update time!
Had an electrocardiogram and stress test.
Test results show heart is pumping fine, is probably
just inflamed because of radiation and medications.
I was so relieved to hear that and I really thought that
radiation was the culprit.  Yay!  Relieved!